Survey Questionnaire

The DQFanFeedback Survey is a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Dairy Queen to gather feedback from its customers. By taking part in the survey and sharing your thoughts, you’ll be rewarded with a Free Dilly Bar.

The survey asks about various aspects of the customer’s experience, Such as food quality, service, and overall satisfaction.

DQFanFeedback Survey Questionnaire

Participants can provide their thoughts and opinions on their visit to Dairy Queen, Which helps the company improve its services and products.

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Questions Asked In The DQFanFeedback Survey

  • How satisfied were you with your overall experience at Dairy Queen?
  • Did you visit a Dairy Queen drive-thru or dine-in at the restaurant?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant?
  • Did you find the menu options to be satisfactory?
  • Did you receive your order in a timely manner?
DQFanFeedback Survey Questionnaire
  • Were the staff members friendly and helpful during your visit?
  • Did you experience any issues during your visit? If yes, please describe.
  • Would you recommend Dairy Queen to friends or family?
  • What can Dairy Queen do to improve your experience in the future?
  • How likely are you to visit Dairy Queen again in the next month?

DQFanFeedback Survey Rewards

Here are some of the rewards you may have the opportunity to claim upon completing the survey:

  • Dairy Queen Coupon Codes.
  • Dairy Queen Gift Cards.
  • Free Dairy Queen Dilly Bar.

You may have the chance to redeem one of these rewards after finishing the survey.


In conclusion, the DQFanFeedback Survey is a way for Dairy Queen to hear from customers like you. By sharing your thoughts, you help Dairy Queen improve their services and make your experience even better.

Your feedback matters, so take the survey and let Dairy Queen know how they can serve you best